Here we demonstrate the use of Plotly/Dash to do interactive visualizations of the density field inferred with the BORG-PM algorithm applied on 2M++ data (see Jasche & Lavaux 2019).

In the figure below, it is possible to chose different sample of the Markov Chain with the slider "MCMC id". The three sliders X, Y, Z allow the user to change the position of the center of the volume. The last slider "Resolution / Volume" allows to degrade the resolution to see a larger part of the volume at a single time. This step is necessary to keep the bandwidth and responsivity at an acceptable level, as in practice we only send data corresponding to a cube of {$40^3$} voxels.

The figure also highligh a number of galaxy clusters. The two check-boxes allow to switch off and on either the density field or the cluster localization. The name of those clusters can be found by hovering the mouse on each sphere.