1.  Some videos on the evolution of large scale structures

Movie: This movie shows the formation of Large scale structures with the Zel'dovich model, with the DMsheet density field estimator.

Movie: This movie shows the formation of the Coma cluster in one of the BORG realization computed from the 2M++ galaxy compilation.

Movie: Hydrodynamical simulation of the same 2M++ volume, finished by an overplotting of the actual large scale structures of the Local Universe.

2.  SDSS visualization

Picture: Wedge in the Equatorial plane of the density (left side) and cosmic velocity field (right side) inferred by BORG using the SDSS2 data. (C) figures by Florent Leclercq (Leclercq et al. 2017, JCAP), Montage by Guilhem Lavaux

3.  PLUS2 simulation visualization

Picture: Image of the Virgo cluster simulacrum in the PLUS2 simulation. Visualization obtained through volume rendering in Paraview.

4.  Non-linearities in large scale structures

5.  Flows visualization