BLSS meeting of May 14-18 2018


Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden


  • Hotels in Stockholm
  • Guest house of University (contact Jens for that)


  • Guilhem Lavaux
  • Jens Jasche
  • Fabian Schmidt
  • Tom Charnock
  • Doogesh Kodi Ramanah
  • Franz Elsner
  • Natalia Porqueres
  • Florent Leclercq
  • Harry Desmond
  • Minh Nguyen
  • Florian Fuhrer


In response to the requests during our last consortium meeting, the coming meeting will be organized as a hackathon. We will organize the meeting in parallel sessions covering the following three major topics:

  • Theory and data modeling
  • Method/Code development
  • Postprocessing Analyses of results

Participants shall propose projects. They should form groups to address the different projects and coordinate the respective tasks themselves. At the end of every day the groups should provide a progress report providing a status on the following items:

  • ToDo / Unsolved technical problems
  • Doing
  • Done
  • Findings

Presentations / Update on projects

We have had some detailed presentations by Florian Fuhrer on his project on direct inference of cosmic velocities with the BORG machinery.

Conclusion of the Hackaton

The hackathon has been very sucessful. We will reorganize a new session in November 2018 on new subjects. We have managed to make progress on several papers that are now in submission of pre-submission phase:

  • Harry Desmond's projects
  • Doogesh and Natalia's projects
  • Florian Fuhrer
  • port SimbelmynĂ«'s dark matter phase-space sheet tools to BORG

and many other topics which are detailed in our internal wiki.

Further conclusion

ARES is now public at .